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As of 20 October Bristol Belief has been capturing the soul of Bristol for nearly 3 months.  A glance down the interviews will show you I’ve spoken with downtrodden, the educated elite and shades between.  For those interested in results here’s a summary:

To date the dominant beliefs reinforce the cultural mandate that says all beliefs are equally valid.  People are keen to echo the idea that belief is personal, each is entitled to believe as they choose and preaching is unwelcome.  Not proclaiming moral absolutes is an absolute that everyone I have met so far have proclaimed.  Not one interviewee to date has confessed to being anything but open-minded and many have, when pressed, confessed to reckoning they are good people.

Of the twenty eight people interviewed, with the exception of three Christians, none have claimed to belong to a defined faith group.  Many have shared views with distinctly Buddhist notions of reincarnation but not particularly rooted in any defined teaching.

Here’s is an effort to categorize the beliefs so far encountered:

Atheists It’s all nonsense, there is nothing more than the physical realm, stop wasting your and everyone else’s time.  We are here to get the most out of this life and then it’s over.  Look to scientific evidence for answers and stop pretending that there is a god or gods.
Agnostics Don’t know, and not concerned.  Happy to live the best life now, generally a good person, will see when the time comes.  Their learning is generally experiential with no defined teaching and no easily articulated beliefs.
Antagonists Antagonistic to revealing anything about belief.  It’s a private matter and the notion of sharing or anyone being interested in their beliefs is offensive.  The church is corrupt and all involved are gullible fools or powerful oppressors.
Defined spiritual Convinced that there is a spiritual realm and spiritual forces that can be harnessed for healing.  Open to all religious claims as being valid and rejecting the exclusivity of any particular faith.
Undefined spiritual Not sure about what is beyond the physical realm though quite certain there is one.  They defer a degree of credibility to most spiritual claims, selecting what they like and rejecting what they find unpalatable.
Christian Confident about their beliefs but not able to provide a convincing rendition about the security of their salvation.  Not well equipped to share their religious beliefs.
Rastafarian Follow the teaching of the Ethiopian Emperor, Haili Selassie as the King of King and Lord of Lords, blending Old Testament teaching with the teaching the Emperor.

Afternote – This information is published for public use.  Feel free to use it but please do not change it in any way and acknowledge the source.  If you have a particular desire to make a contribution to this endeavour please email me with your details at g3glo@hotmail.com

Adrian Clark

“If you board the wrong train it’s no use running along the corridor in the other direction.”  Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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  1. Sinnergi said:

    “…Great holiness lies in carrying out the little duties of each moment. Do everything for Love. Thus there will be no little things: everything will be big. Perseverance in little things for Love is heroism. A Christian should do all honest human work, be it intellectual or manual, with the greatest perfection possible: with human perfection (professional competence) and with Christian perfection (for love of God’s Will and as a service to mankind). Human work done like that, no matter how humble or insignificant it may seem, helps to shape the world. The world’s divine dimension is made more visible and our human labour is thus incorporated into the marvellous work of Creation. It is raised to the order of grace. It is sanctified and becomes God’s work…Ordinary life can be holy and full of God…The supernatural value of our life does not depend on accomplishing the great undertakings sometimes suggested to us by our overactive imagination. Rather it is to be found in the faithful acceptance of God’s will, in welcoming generously the opportunities for small, daily sacrifice…”- Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer (1902 – 1975)

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