What Does Bristol Believe? Looking For the Soul of Bristol 

Welcome to the home of the journalistic project to capture the soul of Bristol. Throughout its history Bristol has been home to people with an amazing range of beliefs.  The Pagan Romans, Cromwell’s Puritans, the passionate Christian open-air preachers of the Victorian era, and the full range of eastern religions.

Through a series of personal interviews we hope to authentically capture the beliefs of Bristolians, and its city visitors, providing a record for journalists, researchers and social historians.

We are seeking contributions from across the city, each people group; economic, social, and religious.  With the information we can see just what is the ‘the cultural mandate’ are we post-modern, existential, or conservative? Is life valued, is individualism the key and where are the moral boundaries?

Through your own study of the views captured or reading summaries from the statistics page, you can make your own mind up about the dominant cultural themes and individual perspectives that go to create the soul of this fine city.


Adrian Clark





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