Conclusion Bristol Believes in the Christian God of the Bible


Following diligent research, meeting people on the street, and having engagement on this blog, we can reach the unmistakable conclusion that the people of Bristol believe in the God of the Bible. You may find this surprising, as the common misconception is that there are many different beliefs, leading the received wisdom that we are many faiths, we are multi-faith. However, that is only in appearance, it is an illusion, presented by man’s suppression of the truth. For example, the men who flew planes into the Twin Towers, it makes clear in Romans 1 20, were without excuse. They may have chosen to  believe a lie, however, they knew what they were doing was wrong, in the same way that Pharaoh knew that not releasing the Israelites was wrong.

LIkewise, in Bristol people love their sin, want to stay in it and therefore reject the God of the Bible. This is why the argument of the self proclaimed atheist proves absurd, because he is making knowledge claims with no basis for knowledge apart from his own senses and reasoning, which is of course, a viciously circular position. They remain on my prayer list in the hope that God grants them repentance.


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